Our Focus on Refineries

Powermain LLC and its CEO, John Wells is a Project Developer for small refineries. Companies who have a need for a refinery to meet specific needs often enter into agreement with the company to develop the organizational structure to facilitate the manufacturing, delivery, construction and operations of these small refineries. Although our engineering associates can manufacture any size refinery, we most often have a request for smaller refineries. These refineries can be as small as 2,000 BPSD and up to 25,000 BPSD. Anything larger than 25,000 BPSD is entering the medium sized refinery category. Refineries 25,000 BPSD or less are much easier to build in modular units. Some examples of our project quotes and specific client needs both international and domestic are listed below.

  • 6,000 BPSD. Client owns oil field. Needs topping units for diesel to fuel fishing fleet and trucking fleet.
  • 2,000 BOPD. Client owns oil field. Needs topping plant to supply trucking fleet.
  • 4,000 BPSD. Client has contract access to pipeline supply. Needs a straddle refinery to extract diesel and return resides to pipeline.
  • 4,000 BPSD mobile refinery. Must be able to move the refinery periodically.
  • 10,000 BPSD barge mounted refinery.
  • 18,000 BPSD totally integrated refinery including sulfur unit.
  • 4,000 BPSD. Client owns oil field. Needs topping plant to supply diesel to trucking fleet and remote interior electrical generator. The plant needs to be disguised during transport and set up under clients building to prevent detection from competitors and other business concerns.

Often a client who is considering a refinery does not yet know the Intricacies of the planning and building of a refinery. To endeavor a project of this sort, no matter the size, is time consuming, stressful, fraught with problems and is expensive. According to well established business protocols, Powermain and our associated engineers (EPC) adhere to certain policies concerning documents, the progression of documents and the need to use these documents to clarify and move forward a project. The success of the project is our major concern. Regardless of the project, there are situations where the chain of documents are not strictly adhered to but must follow the best course of progression. Notice: Powermain does not employee brokers/intermediaries or traders on any of our projects. Powermain will not conduct business with persons who remain unidentified, will not properly identify their company and who will not submit full disclosure of their company or person. Below is a list of some of the documents and procedures we use to move a project forward.

List of Progressive Movements

These movements can and will change relative to new information and situations

  • Chain of Documents
  • Site Survey and Feasibility Study
  • Project Organizational Structure
  • Pay Structure
  • Development Service Contract
  • A Risk Benefit Assessment
  • General Procedures
  • Preliminary Questionnaire for 25,000 Nigerian Refinery