Peru Drilling Operations

Here John Wells inspects ‘hole’ where a ‘cellar’ is being prepared. This drill site is in an alluvial plane with very shallow pay zone sands. These surface sands will not support oil well weight so a foundation (called a cellar) must be prepared. The oil bearing pay zone begins at 200 feet and goes down to 450 feet and has other pay zones at lower formations. The site pad is two acres and the cellar is 50 X 50 feet. The water you see at the bottom of the cellar is salt water at mean sea level from the Pacific Ocean about two miles away.


Site prepared, set up finished, safety inspections underway and ready to spud in.


Powermain LLC power plant team making final prestart inspections on a new install 35MW power plant.


Inspecting a gas plant in a remote area of Guatemala while preparing a proposal for a complete rebuild.