Partners, Associates and Subcontractors

In Nigeria, Powermain LLC has formed a business relationship with several indigenous companies and by extension their subsidiaries and associates. Powermain, LLC also has the ability to adjust to changes within these business relationships and to form additional agreements with other entities to facilitate good business ventures. In the past several years some Nigerian companies have shown an interest in the following areas;

  • Refineries, refinery components and engineering services.
  • Dredging and dredging equipment.
  • Gas Turbine Generator installations. (used)
  • Heavy equipment purchasing and shipping.

Powermain LLC is able to provide these services either directly or in collaboration with several of our US associates.

Powermain LLC reports scammers and criminals to the Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Commission which is in collaboration with the US CIA, FBI and the UK MI4 as well as Interpol.