For Texas oil leases with oil wells.

Powermain LLC is open to private investors or other fund providers to purchase oil leases in Texas that have orphan wells, marginal wells or stripper wells. These sites need to be reworked and upgraded to bring back into production.

While no investment can guarantee a return, our years of industry experience and our business model does reduce the risk substantially. Further reducing risk to investors (or loan providers) is the approach that Powermain has toward the purchase, rework, new drills and operations of assets. When Powermain cannot manage a work activity “in house”, we turn to those professional, well established and proven contractors to assist us in our operations.

Although we are open to other investor offers, the most common that Powermain is accustomed to is the Equity Investment approach. This is simple policy with clear terms and conditions.

Investment/fund provider

  • Minimum participation —- $200,000.00
  • Maximum participation —- $500,000.00
  • ROI —————————25% from production

A full Prospectus is available for the (proven) interested fund provider.

Several of our associates and contacts have an interest in obtaining funding for various projects ranging from 10 million up to 600 million. If you have the ability to fund any of these projects, contact John Wells via our contact page.

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