Contract Services

Powermain is a contractor serving as a consultant, liaison, contract administrator, expeditor, facilitator, Technical Partner and/or JVP with clients in various commercial and industrial sectors. Powermain is not a broker. Powermain assists clients in the following areas:

  • Technical partners and assistance for companies to connect to US companies that can provide services and products.
  • Purchase of complete refineries or major refinery parts. Powermain is directly associated with an engineering and construction company with high quality experience and equipment.
  • Refinery or refinery parts purchase, dismantle, refurbish, relocate, assemble, commission and operate all to client’s requirements.
  • Construction equipment locator, purchase, refurbish (if needed) and ship to client. Dozers, cranes, rubber tired equipment, swamp buggies, and more.
  • Mack trucks with or without trailers, dumps or special attachments. New or used.
  • Barge Dredgers, new or used, any size, with or without ancillary equipment. Total packages available.
  • Pipe line contractors, supplies, safety, etc. Major power plant contractors.
  • Generators and/or complete power plants, used Gas turbine Generator sets.
  • Marine equipment and or services.
  • Special assignments will be considered.