Crude Oil Refinery Construction

Powermain LLC, in association with our contractors, subcontractors and other business associates are able to offer crude oil refinery packages in several configurations. We are able to purchase the standing refineries, insulate the client from the liabilities of the original site, dismantle, refurbish per applicable API code, modularize, (skid) relocate (ship) reassemble, commission and operate according to client’s requirements.

  • We are able to offer traditional crude oil refineries, condensate refineries and noncompliant refined product refineries.
  • Available immediately are crude oil refineries of 15,000 BPSD, 20,000 BPSD and 30,000 BPSD. Higher BPSD are available.
  • Refinery configuration to match the requirements of the client are available regardless of size.
  • Also available are large capacity major refinery components.