About Us

Mission Statement

We will direct our efforts to the satisfaction of our customers in the areas of Industrial Technology Services and we shall do so while upholding the highest standards of professionalism. “The Power of Professionalism” Professing by actions and let words speak of their own.

We have provided contracting services to large corporations such as The El Paso Corporation, El Paso Merchant Energy and El Paso Amazonas (Brazil), Calpine Corporation, Chevron, Mensa (Mexico) Aransia (Mexico) Borax, Northland Power Partnership (Canada), Oxidental and several others.

We have also sub contracted to companies on a confidential basis to assist in supporting their projects. Many of these projects included some of the above mentioned but also G E, Shell, Newark Bay Cogeneration, Alstom, and several others.

Our contracting activities have carried us across the U.S. Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, Canada, Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal, Ghana and Nigeria.

Powermain also has political contacts in Nigeria and West Africa who we communicate with to conduct business but do not have a political alliance with nor do we support their respective parties.

John Wells, CEO

The CEO of Powermain, LLC, John Wells, has a broad range of experiences in several industries and at different levels. His experiences strengthens his ability to select the right people for the right job and hold his people accountable while encouraging them to work as a team and still exercise their individuality.

Not only has Mr. Wells worked in the upper echelons of management but has also had hands on experiences in many areas of the industries which he is active in. This allows Mr. Wells to have the unique ability to know and understand the many areas of Vendor, OEMs, subcontractors and employee concerns. Over many years he has cultivated cross discipline contacts in business that allow him to build specialized teams to address particular projects.

Mr. Wells has a BA from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas where he majored in History, minored in Education, Science and Environment and has continued his education by design and life's unexpected presentations.


The employees of Powermain are selected because of their experience, quality of character, quality of craftsmanship, maturity, decision making skills, dependability and their ability to maneuver geographically. We select our employees who have the skills which are consistent with our policies to conduct our business with a high degree of integrity and conforming to the high standards of the international community.

Business Associates

Powermain, LLC has many business associates who specialize in diverse areas of the power, energy, oil & gas and professional services market. Their capacities range from manpower placement to turn-key outage planning, scheduling, execution and startup. Their expertise is in the areas of Turbines, Generators, Compressors, Ancillary Equipment, Parts, Boilers, Plant Piping, Switching Yards, Pumps, Project Finance, Dredging manufacturers, ship refurbishment, oil & gas construction and services, Engineering & Design, Pipe Line Construction and other minor but important areas of the industry.

One of our associates is a specialty in the area of remote controls, productivity recuperation and maximization targeting pipe lines and production facilities.

Business associates and sub-contractors of Powermain LLC are selected because of their abilities to perform the contracts in the highest professional standards and to adhere to the specialized requirements of our clients. We emphasis integrity by actions and not by words alone.