Powermain is a Texas based company with an emphasis on contracting and Project development. We concentrate on Texas oil leases and refineries (both domestic and international) and other industrial units.

About Us

Powermain LLC has the competency skills and the professional engineering connections to develop projects from conception to commissioning, startup and operations of refineries. We normally fill this role as Project Developer.


Texas Oil Leases

Many of the oil leases which attract our attention are in the East Texas oil fields (Longview, Tyler and surrounding areas) and North Central Texas (Lubbock, Breckenridge, Abilene, Wichita Falls and surrounding areas). However, we are always open to other areas.



Although our engineering associates can manufacture any size refinery, we most often have a request for smaller refineries. These refineries can be as small as 2,000 BPSD and up to 25,000 BPSD.


Contact Us

Please use the form below to contact us and leave a phone number in the message area if you would like us to contact you personally. Office visitations or phone calls/conversations are by prearranged appointment only.